Thursday, 7 August 2014


Budsy loves planning lessons!

Lesson plans are ideas put together to organize the fun stuff you wanna do with your children within a certain time frame. It could be a day's work, a week's worth of activities, a month's advance preparations and of course for even longer term preparations should time permit.

Budsy's lesson plan for work purposes are very detailed, down to the songs to be introduced, including the print-outs of songs for the parents, say if I was running a parent and child session, or large song charts and props for a playgroup session and details like the stuff needed for lessons including the procedure of presentation etc etc are also included. Suffice to say, it's a very tedious process, but for Budsy, very enjoyable. Why? It is because, Budsy finds that these plans help Budsy reflect on the activities done with the children and whether Budsy managed to achieve the intended objectives from its execution.

It is also a good way for Budsy to reflect on presentation improvisations should the need arise. As educators, we work with different children every day. Lessons can be better delivered if we can plan the lessons in a way that best help children learn. Budsy also keeps a journal of each individual child's sessions. These journals are important to detail the journey each child has taken from the point of enrolment up to the moment when he or she finally graduates. These notes make wonderful reading at the end of each day's work. It's like reliving the fun sessions Budsy had with each and every one of them and motivates Budsy to come up with more interesting ideas to work with them.

Lesson plans for your own home schooling initiatives can also be similarly be replicated to cater to the needs of your child or children. If you are interested to work on this project for your child, here are some simple start-up ideas on how you can begin.

For parents who have bought kits from Budsy, thank you, and this post is dedicated to you. Thank you for your support in Budsy's initiatives. Budsy appreciates it very very much.. 


Story books make great starters to any session with children. Age-appropriate books will entice children towards learning to read, to comprehend and builds up their interest in language and literacy.

Budsy's boys love books by Eric Carle. Here are some of the books in our collection.

Budsy's Alphabet Objects Kit are much much bigger in size with more objects in them. If you are keen to set up your own large object boxes, you may consider getting bigger boxes to hold your objects in. With bigger boxes, the objects you add into them will not be limited by size or quantity as compared to smaller boxes. More objects will also mean more words introduced. These however, are definitely more expensive to set-up and require more work. 

This box on the left is the type of boxes Budsy used for all her alphabet object boxes in the entire kit. Purchased from IKEA, these cost S$3.50 each. Box comes with the lid.

Budsy loves that all the objects and even 
the sandpaper letter can fit in each box. 

With bigger boxes, the number of objects added in can grow as and when you find more interesting items to add into them. 
Letter books from Nora Gaydos.

You can also consider LetterGetter books from Edventure Books. Offers more vocabulary and introduces children to simple books they 
can relate to thanks to the beautiful illustrations.

Budsy's Rainbow Writer worksheet for you to carry out rainbow tracing with your child, 
just like what Budsy's tiger_chubs 
is currently doing. 

In this post, Budsy will first share a sample of a lesson plan for a day's work.

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