Monday, 8 September 2014

MONTESSORI PHONICS Reading Sheet of Pictures and Cards

This is the lesson sequence using the Montessori Phonics Pink Scheme Kit :
(1) 5 pink object boxes
(2) 5 pink picture boxes
(3) 5 picture sheets and cards
(4) 5 word lists
(5) 10 reading cards (phrases)
(6) 10 attached reading cards (sentences)
(7) 10 detached reading cards (sentences)
(8) 5 word charts


Budsy has covered (1) and (2), which represent the concrete parts of the lessons in the Montessori Phonics Pink Scheme. The next few lessons will be encouraging your child to move on to the more abstract part of this scheme. As with all Montessori lessons, each begins from concrete learning experiences to abstract ones to make learning a systematic and gradual approach. This way, all children can develop at their own natural pace. Now, Budsy will share how to carry out your next lesson(s) using the Picture Sheets and Cards.

Lessons should ideally be carried out on a mat. So, if your child has one, invite your child to carry the mat to a work area. The work area can be a table or the child can work on a cosy corner on the floor in your house.

Invite your child to the shelf to get the material and ask for it to be placed on the mat. In our Montessori classroom lessons, the child sits on the left of the directress.

The first step is to introduce the material to your child. "Today, we are going to work with the Reading Sheet of Pictures and Cards."
Invite your child to look through all the pictures on the sheet, going by the right to left (sweeping glance) from the top left to the right, continuing with the bottom to the right. Guide your child in identifying all the pictures on the sheet.

Next, remove the cards from the envelope at the back of the reading sheet of pictures. Show the child one card at a time. Get your child to read the word on the card and place it below the corresponding picture. Continue the same procedure until all the cards are read and placed below the correct pictures.

Invite your child to read through all the words again without breaking up the individual sounds, before keeping all the cards back into the envelope. 

If at any point of time if your child refuses to continue with the lesson, simply tell the child, "We will do this exercise on another day." 
Then request that your child help to keep the material back on the shelf.

The control of error for this activity is the last card. The last card will not match the last picture. For a child who is doing this activity for the first time, the control of error will be the directress.

The objective of this activity is to prepare a child for reading and also encouraging fluency in reading.

While this activity is aimed at children between 4 to 4.5 years old, children who are sensitive to language may embark on this much earlier. The age range is just a gauge.

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