Sunday, 7 September 2014

Working with Montessori Number Rods

After you have successfully carried out the first introductions to quantity of 1-10 using the Number Rods via 3-period lessons, you can now move on to show your child how to build a stair. 

Align all the number rods to the left and place them at random.

The objective is to build a stair beginning with the shortest rod to the longest. The stair begins with the rod of the lowest quantity. This activity indirectly shows the child that each time a number gets bigger, the rod gets longer. 

Montessori materials are designed so that the child receives instant feedback as he works, allowing him to recognize, correct, and learn from his mistakes without adult assistance. Putting control of the activity in the child’s hands strengthens his self-esteem and self-motivation as well as his learning.

The control of error for the number rods activity is the first rod. The first rod will fit nicely at every corner / the end of each rod; making each rod of equal length to the next rod in line.

If the rod does not fit (does not match equally in length to the next rod in line) then the child will know that the activity requires further practice.

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