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Introducing these "Now I'm Reading!" Phonics readers from Innovative Kids. These are the readers Budsy is personally using for Budsy's children. Budsy has used these, from when Budsy's eldest daughter was just learning to read (that's about 10 years ago) and Budsy is using these again at the moment, for chubs and lil' dragon_boi.

The wonderful illustrations in these phonics readers appeals to young readers like Budsy's boys. Especially attractive too, because the pictures (which are beautifully sketched!) and content are pretty comedic as well. Boys tend to like silly story lines.

The phonics element follows almost as closely to what we practice in Montessori schools for when children first learn to read simple sentences - with the exception of few.

These phonics readers used to be available at PageOne bookstore in Vivo City however the store has sadly closed down. They had a fantastic range of children's books, activity books, crafts for kids' and more!

Like other great readers Budsy had acquired over the years, from teaching days to date, Budsy has to confess, these are Budsy's all-time favourite. 
Chubs and his baby brother make extra effort when they are trying to read these set of readers. The first page of the book has a page where children can place stickers if they're able to read a whole book on their own. Both boys look forward to when they can finally peel off the sticker to mark their little achievements. 

The objective of introducing different type of books or/and readers is to offer children variety of genre for children to not only pick up reading skills but to also gradually introduce sight words that are important to facilitate the fluency in reading. The main importance to allow children variety is so they can pick up new vocabulary too and essentially all these objectives will boil down to invite our children to love reading - not merely for the sake of learning how to read but to love reading for the love of reading.

Children may see reading a chore if we keep pushing books just for learning to read. What more if we shove the same readers all the time. Vary the selection of books (if you can) they use for learning reading and also continue to read to them or with them to vary the type of books/stories they like to read or listen to. Hearing us read to them will interest them to learn how to read on their own.

Always remind ourselves that in our objective of encouraging them to read as early as possible, that they are still kids and kids love being read to. Remember too that if they ask for the same book all the time, those books interest them a lot. Rotate between different titles of similar genre. If they like YOU to read them the same books, then you're doing superbly well - as a story-teller (your story-telling must be very engaging and interesting!) and as a parent too - for you care enough to spend your time reading to/with them, when you know you can/want to do something else at that moment..

Another way to encourage/raise a reader, is for children to see and know, that we read too. We are the first role models our children have. If they see us reading (on our own) during our quiet times, they too will naturally pick up books during their down time.

Before Budsy ends this round of sharing, here's the link to the innovativeKIDS website.

Warning! They have more than just books! 

The above is a video of chubs reading Book 1 of the "Now I'm Reading" readers, if the video cannot be seen on your device, you may click the link provided below.

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