Friday, 31 October 2014

BUDSY's RECOMMENDATION Phonics Readers II (Part 2)

Here's more on the Phonics Readers by innovativeKIDS.
There are different levels in this "Now I'm Reading!" series.
- Pre Reader
- Level 1
- Level 2
- Level 3
- Level 4
- Independent
Budsy had never come across the Pre Reader & Independent level readers, but seeing how Budsy's daughters happily picked up reading with the first folder Budsy bought, Budsy went back to the store and managed to snap up the other levels. The readers are square shaped, smaller than your average A4 book, comes in a thick and hard board folder. Each folder containing 10 little booklets, that comes together with a Parent Guide and a centre spread of stickers to mark the children's progress and little achievements. 
During the time Budsy bought these, they were priced over $30 per folder (10 books). If you can see from the pictures, Budsy's Level 2-4 are still unopened. Why? It's because Budsy's girls were already reading efficiently by then, only from having used the books from the two Level 1 folders.
Level 1 had two folders entitled; Animal Antics & Playful Pals. The first 5 books in each of these two folders focussed on reinforcement of 3-letter phonetic words like dad, tub, jig (etc). This is equivalent to the Montessori Phonics Pink Scheme stage. The next 5 books in the same folders concentrated on the Montessori Phonics Blue Scheme stage, where children reinforce their reading fluency with combinations of blends (ie. 4-6 letter words like crab, block and spring).
Budsy finds these series by innovativeKIDS value for money, as the books covered 2 stages of Montessori Phonics Schemes in one folder.
If anyone spots the Independent books anywhere in SG, give Budsy a tinkle! Hope to complete this wonderful series. 

The next three folders below, follows a similar sequence covered in the Blue Scheme and the Green Scheme of the Montessori Phonics method. As usual, Budsy has some sneak peeks for you.

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