Saturday, 4 October 2014

FREE 3-part cards for you! : Geometric Solids

For those who own the geometric solids in blue like Budsy's, you may use these 3-part cards. 

You can also print these off from your mobile phone, if you own a wireless printer that taps on your home WiFi. You will need your mobile phone app to print from your mobile phone.

Turn on your printer.
Allow printer to start up.

Click on "image"…
(of the printable you'd like to print)

Followed by "save image"…

Go to albums / photo gallery…
(where the image will be saved)

For iPhone users, click on the icon on the bottom left corner. It's an icon with a paper and an arrow pointing up. Scroll towards your left to find "Print".

It will lead you to print options/setting to allow you to print from your mobile phone.

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