Friday, 3 October 2014

MONTESSORI SENSORIAL : Introduction to geometric solids

Sensorial exercises are often overlooked in a child's growing years. From Budsy's personal experiences while working in Montessori centres, parents in this day and age seem to focus more on the academic side of Montessori Education instead of embracing the what the method has to offer holistically. This is sad because sensorial experiences in a growing child's life plays a vital part of the growing years in the development and refinement of the 5 senses. It helps sharpen a child's intellectual control and prepare him/her for more advanced exercises that will add as an advantage to the child in the long run.

In this post, Budsy will share how to carry out a presentation using geometric solids to your child.

"Today, we are going to work with geometric solids."


1st period

Introduce each solid in isolation.

"This is a sphere. A sphere can roll."

"This is a cylinder."

"A cylinder can roll….."

"…… and a cylinder can slide."

"This is a cone."

"A cone can roll……"

"……. and a cone can slide."

(to show the flat and 
smooth surface of a cone)

2nd period

"Can you show me where's the sphere?

"Can you show me where's the cylinder?"

"Can you show me where's the cone?"

3rd period

Show each solid in isolation 
ie. one at a time, on the work mat)

Simultaneously ask for the name of each geometric solid as you place them one at a time on the mat.

"Can you tell me what this is?"

Finally, conclude your lesson.

"Today, we have worked with 
three geometric solids."

"This is the sphere, the cylinder 
and the cone." 

"We will learn more tomorrow or on another day. Can you help me put away the materials?"

Guide the child to keep the geometric solids and return the material back to the shelf.

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