Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Yesterday was another weekend Budsy was yet on Budsy's own with the children... There are many days when Budsy feels like a single parent, just like today. Weekends are when all four of Budsy's children are home, either messing up the house/pigging out/being annoying to one another, which will gradually lead to chaos, (etc). 
Instead of brooding at home, Budsy took all four of them to spend time over at gramps, then followed by a a late lunch at Manhattan Fish Market (they like the food there, enough to sit down throughout the meal quietly), to the playground, to window shopping, to the library and for some small-talk over ice-cream, just before heading back. Boy oh boy was Budsy all worn out.

It had been a very long Sunday, which ended with Budsy having to give boss a leg & feet massage to relieve his tired legs from a very long run for his company's running event. That was all the energy Budsy honestly thought that Budsy had left for the night..... but no, the boys decided they were gonna sleeep past midnite and Budsy still had to clear some chores.

As Budsy was just about to turn in for the day... err... night... okay, final answer - day! Budsy's eldest teenaged daughter came into Budsy's room. Not sure what else Budsy had to do now, Budsy mustered up a ....... "Yessss, sweetie?" DD1 said, "Mommy, I NEED you to look at something." "Now?" DD1 replied, "Yes, just a lil while, I promise." Oh well, Budsy got up again for what Budsy wished would be the final time of the day & that Budsy could finally rest this tired back.

A little purple note book was the something DD1 wanted Budsy to look at.

The contents of the note book was totally unexpected..

Scroll through the pictures to take a peek at what they were..

DD1 was planning to present this in a nicely made scroll for my birthday, but couldn't wait to show it to me seeing it was all finished. Awwww...

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