Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Budsy's Recommendation : Junior Engineer

Apart from Montessori equipment, working with manipulatives are also fantastic in improving children's manual dexterity. It's through these kinds of play variation that children get to exercise their little finger muscles. Instead of tracing work, puzzles, and pre-writing activities, Budsy has these boys up for some big-man jobs to do.

It's Construction Week at Budsy's. The boys are all geared up to create - in chubs' words; their 'inventions'.. A messy week looms ahead..

For today, here are some stuff the boys decided to 'invent'…

1. A trolley for kids

2. Giant crow's feet

3. A fart gun(?)

Budsy just had to ask chubs, whhhhyyyyyy a 
fart gun?

His reply blew Budsy off. He said to Budsy in a straight face..

"Ohhh mom, coz every Minion needs a fart gun.."

Do you have good construction manipulatives to recommend? At the moment, we have this Junior Engineer with gears from Growing Fun, the ZooB and LEGO.

Chubsy's birthday is coming in December, would love to hear your recommendations. 

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