Thursday, 6 November 2014

Construction Week with Junior Engineer

The advantage of having more children is having helpful children. Over the years, Budsy gradually reined in the help from all of Budsy's elves from when they were lil' elves.. As they grow older, Budsy is grateful for the benefits it has reaped. Talk about ROI! 

As parents, we can start them off with little tasks they can manage. Montessori's Practical Life exercises encourages children towards independence in daily routine tasks. These activities indirectly moves their little fingers for the needed exercise to prepare them / strengthening their pencil grip.

Include them in setting up the table for dinner by asking them to wipe bowls & cutlery and help place them on the place mats..

Get them to fold their handkerchiefs or little towels. They can help with folding pants and tees too..

While you're preparing lunch, they can sit near you and chop wooden fruits and vegetables..

Part of independence is also being able to count on them to watch out for their siblings and play with them. Budsy's elder girls were allowed to help feed, burp, change their baby brothers since the babies were born. It helps include them in the new change of family dynamics and let them feel important.

Today, both girls can help shower the boys, dress them, feed them and definitely play with them. Going out together is less of a hassle as Budsy's little elves know how to be independent and be responsible for themselves and their siblings.

When the boys were younger, we take turns to carry the babies when we were out together, either using the baby carrier or just carrying them freestyle. We slowly learnt how to balance putting them to sleep in our arms or the buggy when all of us ate out at fancy places.. That, or we would take turns to eat so none of us had to eat cold food.

Today, while Budsy was in the kitchen whipping up a quick brunch, DD1 played with the boys and like any typical girl, she introduced castle and princess play to them. 

Fortunately, it was great that Budsy had the opportunity from this teachable play-moment to teach masculine-feminine concept. So the boys took turns to be Prince and King for the day, instead of pretending to be Princess Sophia or Queen Elsa. 

They played around with royal words too! Like your majesty, sire, royal jester, shield, sword, sceptre, fortress, knight in shinng armour lol! and in chubsy's words - a tale of princesses ends with happily ever after. Ohh chubs.. 

Yes.. yes.. we still went by the construction theme, as the children came up with their creations.. 

They made variations of thrones that were fit for a King.. sceptre.. swords.. shields and more. 

So, who says we can't play castle with boys? 

The children's version of a 
throne and a sceptre.

The children's shield and sword creations.

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