Sunday, 16 November 2014


What's a great way to round up a fantastic week of learning through play?

A field trip of course! 

Budsy took the children out for a rare BK breakfast (Burger King) followed by their very first ride on a double-decker bus.  We managed to get the front row seats on the upper deck, much to their excitement.

The boys had fun pretending to be bus drivers on a huge double-decker bus. We had plenty of opportunities to catch the construction machinery and many huge trucks we learnt about throughout the week, since there were many construction projects along the journey.

Budsy's lil' dragon_boi would quip every now and then, "Remember we learnt about the excavator or a cement mixer, (etc) mommy?" 

The weather was fabulous. 😎 Lil' dragon_boi initiated his version of "I-Spy-A-Shape-In-The Sky". He pointed to the fluffy clouds in the clear blue sky imagining they were either woolly sheep, his favourite dinosaurs or big, round, tasty doughnut.

We swung by IKEA for some stuff. Then Budsy brought them to Changi Airport for viewing on more transports. We saw planes at the hangar, we chanced upon small jeeps with busy drivers, watched as workers pile luggage bags to bring over to the arrival area for the passengers..

What's even greater after a whole afternoon's excursion? 

Some time to let off steam at Changi Airport's indoor playground! 

Scroll through the pictures for sneak peeks of 'The Canopy' indoor playground. Simple pleasures for the children and a much needed reprieve for Budsy, from all the walking, strolling, running, carrying and what have you nots, the entire day. We had dinner before leaving the airport and finally headed home.

An awesome trip out with the boys! The spontaneous idea of the construction theme has been wonderful. Coming weeks, back to drilling. Lol! 

The boys have been saying, "Let's do Montessori." So yes, let's do that..

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