Sunday, 23 November 2014


Chubs and lil' dragon_boi still require more work to improve their fine motor skills, especially their pincer grip. Some term it as the pencil grasp as well.

Our children go through different stages of the pincer grip as they grow. Eventually, many see a tripod grip as the most stable grip for writing.
From personal experiences, not every child will eventually find the tripod grip the most comfortable to be used for writing. We need to observe that our children learn this grasp progressively, instead of forcing a specific grip on their little fingers.

Remember, no two children are alike.

As long as the grip is comfortable for writing, self feeding, cutting, folding and many other activities without developing finger aches and of course, illegible handwriting ... (DO NOT underestimate the need for legible handwriting) let's allow flexibility for our children to develop their own grip in their own time.
*cough!* We can however, help guide this process, by engaging our children in purposeful or fun fine motor activities. 
Today, Budsy got the boys interested in locks. Yes, it kept them quiet for quite some time. It got Budsy's lil' dragon_boi drooling too. Lol! 
He was drooling in all concentration. 

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