Monday, 24 November 2014


Let's run through the sequence for Montessori Phonics lessons again, shall we?

Introduction to single letter sounds
(1) Sandpaper letters with Alphabet Objects Kit

Identifying letters associated with letter sounds
(2) Working with Large Movable Alphabets (LMA)

Word Building (concrete lesson)
(3) Working with object Boxes and LMA, beginning from Box 1.

Word Building (abstract lesson)
(4) Working with Pink Picture Boxes, beginning from Box 1.


Today's video shares the next step where Budsy guides chubs on how to move on to the progression on more abstract lessons.

At this stage we are encouraging the children to practice on the fluency of blending three-letter phonetic words.

The initial word building equips them with a great skill - listening. Listening is indeed a skill often overlooked. In the fast-paced world we live in now, or perhaps it's just Singapore... my bad... we are rushed into doing everything quickly and we expect not only a similar quick response from our kids, but also preferably an accurate response as well.

Listening skills are important for parents embarking on a phonics programme. It helps children listen to sounds in words and decode them. Now, once we have successfully nurtured the listening skill, we guide them to use it to their advantage... which is; to blend these sounds they already know... and now to gel these sounds swiftly to enable them to read words without decoding.

To encourage this, Budsy encourages chubs to just read the words as he sees them, going by the sweeping glance of reading text ie. left to right; beginning from the word right at the top.

Each time he decodes the sounds of any word instead of reading them, he goes back reading the first word again. This is to help him progress with his reading fluency and equip him with the right skills to guide him towards reading independence.

This may not exactly be the traditional way, but more Budsy's own way and it works. Heh.. 

(5) Reading word lists, beginning from the list of three-letter phonetic words with middle vowel sound /a/.

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