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MONTESSORI PHONICS - The Pink Scheme : Working on word family 'ab'

Word building is the skill of listening to individual sounds in words. Once children acquire this skill, they can actually attempt to read beyond three letter words. Budsy observes that chubs tried to read even four to five letter words at present, as he is pretty confident with his sounds. While we have not officially moved up to the Blue Scheme in Montessori Phonics, we encourage him to exercise his word building ability whenever he feels like trying out to read a new word.

Many parents and even Montessori educators themselves skip the word building stage. They go right into word families because it shows faster results, however children lose the opportunity to gain the independent ability to acquire sensitivity to letter sounds.

The objective of introducing Montessori Phonics is aimed to equip children with the knowledge towards an independent process of reading via multi-sensory learning sessions.

So, if you have diligently followed through with the Montessori Phonics route to teach your children to read, you will know it's not easy teaching children to blend the individual sounds to read three letter phonetic words.

Success is may seem to arrive pretty slowly, but surely.

Now, if you have pressed on with word building sessions with your child over some time and have tasted success, this next phase will be the easiest phase to teach. In fact, it's more just brushing up on working with the fluency of blending 3 phonetic letters to read words. This, thanks to diligence in word building sessions.

We have now reached the stage where children learn word families in Montessori Phonics. In Budsy's Phonics lessons with Budsy's students, almost all children in the group would already know how to read them even by merely looking at the materials Budsy had prepared.

This shows that the children themselves are adequately prepared and ready for sessions to work on their reading fluency next.

Scroll the pictures below to view a detailed presentation on introducing word families using materials from your Montessori Pink Scheme kit and the Large Movable Alphabets (LMA).

(1) Refer to the words on your pink word charts for this session. Begin introducing the first word family, starting from the first left column. The 'ab' family. 

(2) Ask for your child to get his mat together with the LMA. Show your child where the Pink Word Charts are kept and pick out the chart containing all the three letter phonetic words with the middle vowel /a/.

(3) As your child to pick the sound /a/ from the large movable alphabets kit. (LMA)

"Can you get me the letter that makes the sound /a/?"

(4) "Next, can you help me get the letter which makes the /b/ sound?"

(5) "We are going to work on word families today and we shall work on the words in the 'ab' family."

Drag both sounds together and say...
"These two letters make the sound /ab/. Whenever you see these two letters, you say the sound; /ab/."

"What sound do these two letters make?"

Child should reply with "ab".

(6) "Can you get me the /c?"

(7) "Now, if I have a /c/ and /ab/, it makes the word cab. Kuh-aaaaab..... - (drag the two sounds)

(8) "Cab!"

(9) Continue with other words in the chart.

"If I have a /d/ and /ab/... I've made the word - dab."

(10) Continue the same process with all the other words in the 'ab' family. The LMA allows you to form about 10 words in one sitting..

Budsy LOVES the LMA! 

(11) Now, once your presentation is over, invite your child to read from the word chart with you. Remember, it's important to conclude your lesson.

"Today, we have learnt words in the 'ab' family.... We read the words.... 


....... and the word tab.

Next time, we will read words in other word families."

Before you invite your child to put away the materials, remind him that he's welcome to work on this (same) activity at any time he wants. Show him again where the materials are kept, so that he can pick up the materials himself when he feels like working on them.

Easy peasy, right? 
Just as promised. 

The boys enjoy watching YouTube videos on playdoh creations from adults and children alike. One of the boys' favourite is the Cookie Monster Letter Lunch.
Budsy chanced upon a set of those letters at a Popular bookstore and grabbed one for the boys to play. DD1 was supervising the playdoh session today while Budsy was preparing stuff to cook tonight's dinner. Out of the blue, DD1 quipped excitedly. "Mom! You gotta see this!"
Instead of just playing with the new playdoh set, guess what chubs did?
He told his eldest sister that he can practice on his Montessori Phonics. When his sister jokingly asked, "You can read?"...... chubs showed to her he could.
No more decoding!

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