Thursday, 27 November 2014

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION : Laundry Jumble Game by Educational Insights

What's a great reinforcement for doing laundry during the day? Well, what else if not more laundry! 

Before you freak out, Budsy is actually talking about this cute educational game for our tots.  

Laundry Jumble Game is but only one of the varieties of educational games from the creative people at Educational Insights. You have to look at their other stuff! Budsy promises you, their stuff are AWESOME! 

For those of you looking for Christmas prezzies for lil' ones, check them out. A word of caution, if I may..... Their stuff..... They have a way of flirting with your heart. So if you don't wanna lose your heart, hold on to your purse strings... Doh! I meant heart strings of course. 😇Their range of educational products can really tug hokay! 

DO NOT FLAME ME..  Because,YOU, have been duly warned!

Now back to business...

Budsy loves how this game provided an opportunity for boys to play with; that has oh-so-pretty little clothes fit for good-looking elves, without it seeming even a tad girly. If you have boys too, you know exactly what Budsy means. 

The game comes with a manual if you're clueless in how to play it. We love how the soft, toy dryer, hides the teeny clothes while we play. We have come up with many variations of play with this cutie of a game. Matching, blindfold touchy-feely, scavenger hunt, snap and more!

It's one of those games Budsy still keeps till today. Cannot bear to give it away! (yet).  Even now that all 4 have grown up this big, because these are the kinds of toys that hold sentimental memories for Budsy. 
Budsy's a softie, remember?
These are games that remind Budsy of the times when Budsy's children were just the babies they once were. The children have not left the nest yet and here Budsy goes all soppy. 

Despite what Budsy thinks, perhaps Budsy's not ready for the 'empty nest syndrome'. 
Birthdays get to Budsy somehow.. A lot of reflection nearing the actual day... Owells... Don't mind me! Enjoy the pictures! Has Budsy mentioned how cute this game is already? 

By the way, just so you know... It only comes in one brand, in one super-kiddy size and only for front load drying. 



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