Thursday, 4 December 2014

Happy Birthday to me

Sorry, Budsy has not been writing past few days. The family has suddenly been taken ill, with each one taking turns to get fever. Viral fever is nasty. It is nastier when little children get it. Chubs and lil' dragon_boi have both had hallucinating episodes the past nights and Budsy had even less sleep than ever before. The boys' fever has now subsided as Budsy is typing this and they are more active today although they have not regained back their normal appetite, but it's okay. As long as the fever is gone, Budsy is thankful.

Budsy wrote a note on Budsy's birthday last Friday but didn't get to pen it here as the boys were having fever spikes that night after Budsy returned from a quiet celebration with hubs.

So here it is...

Despite the odds that never seem to be in our favour,
You have given me more...

I shall persevere and make the best of what life brings,
For I'm thankful for the blessings you've given with my best four.

So, thank you for today...
Thank you for every day...
That I get to count my blessings.

Budsy received beautiful things last Friday..

(1) A day of peace. The girls planned a sleepover with the grandpa saying that their best gift is; for mommy to have a whole day of quiet time. So when Grandpa, okayed it, all of them were packed off to gramps'. They love it there cos there's no government.

(2) Had the whole day with hubs, and had opportunity to eat peacefully. Any stay-home-mom's dream is to have a quiet meal she didn't have to cook and dishes she didn't have to wash.. 

(3) DD2 made a nice booklet card that was really sweet. 

(4) No birthday song. There was no cake, which means the boys don't need to count any candles (not that there'd be enuff aniwaes). Phew!

(5) .... a mail arrived with an Edusave Award for Budsy's DD1. What a surprise! 

(6) DD1 loomed an extremely beautiful and intricate mobile phone pouch.

(7) ..... a full body massage from DD1 after the boys finally slept.

It was definitely a lovely and memorable birthday 
especially since Budsy got to watch handsome Liam Hemsworth in the Hunger Games : MockingJay movie in peace too... Aaahhh... Candy is always bonus treat, even if just eye-candy. 

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