Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Montessori - Homeschooling Day 2

Budsy's boys woke up asking if we were going to play 'school' again at home. That brought a smile to Budsy's face because that just meant they loved Day 1 of homeschooling and anticipating for more. The minute Budsy nodded, both the boys went YAY! How cute! Its always wonderful to see children enthusiastic about school, although in our case, it's currently homeschool. 

Budsy planned great stuff for Day 2. Seeing how much the boys could manage, Budsy extended Day 2 with extra activities. Scroll through the pictures below to read more about our fun lessons! 

Instead of the boy's usual bread in the morning, Budsy bought croissants in starting our day with the /c/ way - /c/ as in the first letter sound in the word; croissant. 

For the 2nd day's presentation using Budsy's Alphabet Object Kit, Budsy added three more new objects - carrot, cone, capsicum; to add on to the objects introduced on the first day. 

Which means in the second day, we have covered 9 objects in total. 

Budsy took a real carrot to show the boys. Budsy let them touch it, talk about it - colour... conical shape... and Budsy let them taste some carrot strips.

Following that, we continued with a printing activity using the carrot. Budsy dis a criss-cross cut pattern on the cross-section of the carrot so the prints would look pretty.

We used only primary colours on the first day - red, yello, green. So on the second day, we mixed yellow and red to make orange - which is the same colour as the carrot. 
When we were done clearing up the printing stuff, Budsy asked the boys to read a Pre-Reader book entitled; COLOURS, COLOURS by innovativeKIDs to reinforce the colours we have learnt over the two days. Sight reading can also help young children capture print if done regularly. 

The boys wanted to watch the Eric Carle videos we have on dvd, so Budsy turned it on for them and told them the homeschooling session will have a break, so mommy can cook lunch for themed prepare dinner for the rest coming home from school and work.

Budsy cut up the rest of the carrot (from printing) to make the boys' ABC Soup and a few slices into the chicken /c/ for curry, for the rest. 
We resumed our session on Day 2 of homeschooling, working with our Montessori Cultural - Life Cycle of a Purple Sapphire Butterfly kit.
The boys carried out some mini activities for our project for the day - our Very Hungry Caterpillar Lap Book.

This was lil' dragon_boi's effort. 

Budsy sat him on Budsy's lap, with a magazine. Budsy asked him to look out for pictures that he thought began with the /c/ sound. 

There were hits when he correctly identified /c/ as in coffee... and direct misses when he cheekily pointed to man, which he then reasoned that the man has the beginning sound /m/ (pronounced as mmmm) and not /c/ (pronounced as k-uh)

He proceeded to correctly identify cupcake (savoury bacon cupcake!) and cookies. So those two went into his lap book as well.
Learning sounds alone is not enough. Children need to be able to identify sounds they learn in words. This is where application comes in. Children should learn to apply the lessons learnt. This will help guide them in further understanding and applying more of what they've learnt into real life experiences.

When you're out and about, you can play iSpy games with your child. It can go like this :-

"I spy, with my little eye... something in this train (when traveling in a train) that starts with /b/... (pronounced as b-uh)... is red and has a long strap attached to it. What is it?"

This is chubsy's effort. 

He fixed the curve and two square cut-outs into a letter c. It works similar to our wooden uppercase letters puzzles but only that this is for lower case.

He identified /c/ as in the first letter sound in /c/ake... /c/appucino (coffee) and /c/racker. Since chubs is able to carry out some simple cutting, Budsy let him cut out those three pictures from the magazine, with some supervision.

We coloured the cycle stages of the butterfly together and cut them out, so it could be pasted in the correct life cycle sequence, following the arrows, from top to bottom.
Budsy realized we were out of little green pom-poms (you can get these from craft stores and Daiso) so, Budsy used /c/ as in the first letter sound in the word cotton - to make the supposed hungry caterpillar! Lol! 

The caterpillar ended up looking probably more like silkworm or a very distant and scary looking caterpillar cousin! Lol! 

But hey, we make do, ya! 

The boys loved their activities and the caterpillar of course & they were excitedly asking, "What are we going to do next?" 

So,off to the next activity we go!

The finished Lap Books. 

Budsy took out this set of Growing Up board puzzles designed by the creative people at Frank, for the boys to play with.

This was purchased from Popular bookstore. 
 The box came with 4 different life cycle sets in thick cardboard. A good buy!

To end our really fun second day of homeschooling, chubs said that we should make cupcakes."/c/ as in the first letter sound in the word /c/upcake!"

....... and so we did, since Budsy had the ingredients aniwaes. 

Here is the video of Budsy's lil' dragon_boi carrying out a simple 3-period lesson. This basic presentation for our very young ones to start on single letter sounds. 

Showing them the word cards is an optional step. These matching word cards are included in Budsy's Alphabet Objects Kit to encourage sight reading to early and intermediate readers. You may introduce these too depending on how ready your tot is, otherwise you may skip this step.

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