Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Montessori - Homeschooling Day 3

Day 3 was so much fun! Scroll through the pictures below to see all the fun stuff we did!  Budsy will follow up with descriptions of the activities later tonight, when both Budsy's boys are finally asleep…

We started off our homeschooling session going through all the previous objects in our /c/ box and the boys were okay to also label the objects with the corresponding word cards.
Right after that, we took out the other remaining objects in the /c/ box. 

(1) camera 
(2) cup
(3) car
(4) cactus
(5) cow
(6) crocodile
(7) comb
(8) cleaver
(9) chameleon

So in all, we have worked with about 20 different objects in our /c/ box! With each presentation of objects, the boys learn more facts about them (more new vocabulary!) and they also received regular exposure to 20 words in print from our word cards that encouraged their sight-reading. 

Here's chubs (in the above picture), concluding our 3-period lesson, after the 3rd period was complete.

Budsy showed the boys a real capsicum and shared some fun facts with them, before showing them how it looks like inside.

Some facts we can share with the children.

(1) Capsicums are actually fruits but are prepared like vegetables.

(2) If left on the plant long enough, capsicums can turn from green to red or gold. There are other capsicums that can also turn brown, purple or yellow.

(3) Capsicums belong to the same family as chillies but are much milder (less hot/spicy) and sweet tasting.

(4) Paprika and cayenne pepper (both well-known spices) are different varieties of capsicums that are more suited to drying.

(5) Red capsicums contain a higher vitamin A and C content than green capsicums.

(6) Americans (people in other countries) call capsicum ‘bell peppers’.

Budsy showed them the tiny seeds, removed them and then sliced a big piece at the top for printing. The slice was further cut in two to show the boys that half of that, made it look like the letter c.

We then proceeded to make a green colour using the tubes primary colours we have learnt. Yellow + blue makes green.

The boys then used the sliced capsicum in a cute shape of letter c, to print on their /c/ worksheet.
Budsy took out a few other birds from our Cultural Models Collection, so we could do a 3-period lesson.
Budsy's all-time favourite activity books for pre-writing days. Both Budsy's girls did the whole series too. You can get these locally from Popular bookstores and online at this webbie :

As chubs is older and more ready for pre-writing, he did extra work on his Phonics Readers and Activity books at the /c/ page.

The boys grabbed some cushions and all of us were rested on the cool floor from a rainy afternoon, enjoying the story, the Crow and the Pitcher. 

Lil' dragon_boi brought Ducky to join us for story time, so Ducky could see his very distant cousin, crow, in a book. 

After the 'Crow and the Pitcher' story, we proceeded to colour the eye mask of a crow. The boys loved being able to use all black without any qualms. 

This was the template Budsy used for the crow's eye mask craft. Love all their creations!  You can find them at their webbie:

At the end of our homeschooling session, Budsy and chubs to baked cookies. Cookies too, begin with the sound /c/. Budsy will post up pictures of our baking session first. Will catch up with the recipe soon!

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