Wednesday, 15 April 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Lil' dragon_boi turns 3!

Budsy's lil' dragon, is 3! He's sleeping on Budsy's arm, while hugging Budsy as we speak. Lying down here in the stillness of the night, Budsy's reminiscing on the weeks before his 2nd birthday, a year ago...

Budsy was teaching dragon_boi how to introduce himself should anyone ask him his name and age, a few weeks running up to his 2nd birthday last year.

Me : What is your name?

Him : My name (his hand patting his chest) is...... (his name).

Me : How old are you?

Him : I am twooooo eeeeears ollllllld. 
both his pointers pointing to his ears).

This year, hubs decided that he wanted his "assets" back so he's been been trying to drill in the official breastfeeding-wean-off to Budsy's baby. 

Hubs : 3 years old means you're gonna be a big boy already, so cannot drink mommy's milk anymore.

You'd never guess his reply came like this! 

Lil' dragon_boi : But I'm not drinking any milk. It's just for sucking. So, I can sleep. 

Now, how do you counter an answer like that from an-almost 3-yr old?

Ohhh baby…

Ok, cliche moment coming now…

No matter how old you may be, you will always be mommy's lil' baybeeee.. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweetheart. 

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