Friday, 17 April 2015

Montessori Homeschooling - Day 5

We wrapped up the first week of homeschooling with a library trip. We picked up some books that reinforced the letter sound /c/. 

These Little Dino books were the perfect books to end our first week. Budsy introduced a new word to the children... /c/ as in /c/-haracter.
Budsy explained the meaning of this big word in simple terms that the boys could relate to, that character meant :- the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves, someone's personality. In short, this word describes the moral qualities that are distinctive in a person.
Character building is an important trait to nurture in our young children and it is during these formative years, that good values can be more easily inculcated.

The Little Dino books were a big hit with the boys! Firstly, they love dinosaurs. Secondly, the books were wonderfully illustrated. Thirdly, the story lines were simple and humorous (read:silly) and the boys sure love these kind of silly books. The examples were also presented in ways the boys were able to relate to in real life. They loved these books so much, they even said goodbye to Little Dino before putting them into the return slots at the library's book drop. 
Little Dino's good practices rubbed off on the boys quite a bit, for during our trip to the playground after that library visit, Budsy observed chubs being a little gentleman.
It's natural to see a few rowdy kids at the playground. Chubs didn't like their shoving around and their screaming at other children whom they thought were in their way. One boy shouted at his lil' dragon brother and that boy also gave his brother, a little shove. Chubs went up to the boy and said to him, "It's not nice to push people. We can share this playground and take turns."
The rowdy, elder boy looked at chubs and said to him. "Why do you care?"
Budsy merely observed this scenario and held back against the will to intervene. It's not easy to keep quiet when you see your own children being the subject of bullying... honestly. However, it is important to give opportunities for our children to first try to deal with their children problems themselves, without an adult intervening on their behalf all the time. These opportunities are life skills for our children.
Chubs put his arm around his little brother and told the elder boy nicely. "Because, he's just a baby. That girl is a baby too." Pointing to another child who was also pushed.
"No pushing and shoving at the playground and this little baby boy - he's my brother." Chubs explained, whilst putting an arm around his brother's shoulders.
The elder boy said sorry to chubs and told his friends in a loud voice. "Eh, watch out for babies when running." There were mumbled "okay la... okay la..." in the background and everyone continued playing... a wee bit nicer than earlier.
When chubs announced that we should all go home, Budsy asked him why not play a little longer.
"Baby kept falling down and hurting himself because the boys are still not careful. It's not nice to play like this. Let's go to a different playground or we can come here again on another day, mom. It's okay."
Our babies... they are growing up much faster than we think.
At home in the evening, we worked with our construction toys for a while before winding down for bed. The boys were able to relate the /c/ sound : /c/ as in /c/-instruction. 
We have this thing we do before turn in for the night. We reflect. The children and Budsy will reflect on the day's activities, the day's highs and lows... Budsy would start off by asking what everyone thought about how our day went. After which, we count the little blessings we have that day.
It could be simple things like, we were thankful for great weather so we could go out and play or have a swim... Or, we were thankful for a good meal at the restaurant... Or, it could be, for just having one another.
When we said our prayers before bed time, lil' dragon_boi said, "Today, chubs took care of me at the playground, right mommy?" "Yes, he did and mommy's really proud. You two are brothers and it's nice that you are looking out for each other."
Then, chubs quipped, "I didn't know how I did it, but I just did. I was brave ya, mommy?"
Budsy replied, "Yes, you were brave indeed. Were you actually a little scared then?"
"At first, yes. But I just wanted to take care of my baby brother. So, I just said it. The boy said sorry to me but he was still doing the rough things. Never mind, we can play there another time with baby, right mommy?"
........ and the three of us snuggled up for bed.
Homeschooling; to Budsy, is more than just academics and exploring about the world. There are soft skills we can teach our children when they are this young. They can absorb our teachings and the words we say are worth in gold.

Montessori education includes Social Grace & Courtesy by the way. It's wonderful how incorporating sound values and graciousness is part of the Montessori Method of Education. Which is precisely why it has been quoted that Montessori is not merely for academic pursuits but it is a form of learning for life itself.
So, friends... That was the wonderful end to our simple day of homeschooling. 

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